Establishment and Mandate

The National Council for Civic Education is established by Act No.1 of 1998, pursuant to Article 198 of the Second Republican Constitution of The Gambia. The Act mandates the NCCE to create and sustain awareness of constitutional democracy for the achievement of political, economic and social stability through civic education.

Civic Education in The Gambia is perceived as a process through which the citizenry acquires knowledge, skills and values that are needed for effective democratic citizenship. Based on the perceived need to promote the civic consciousness of the citizens, the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia (chapter XVII, Article 199(1)) provides for the establishment of a Civic Education Programme, whose functions are to:

  • Create and sustain within society, awareness of the principles and objectives of the Constitution as the fundamental law of The Gambia;
  • Educate and encourage the public to defend the Constitution against all forms of abuse and violence;
  • Formulate from time to time for the consideration of Government,  programmes at national, regional and district levels aimed at realising the objectives of the Constitution;
  • Educate the citizens of the Gambia about international, regional and sub-regional matters relevant to The Gambia;
  • Formulate, implement and oversee programmes aimed at inculcating in the citizens of the Gambia awareness of their Civic and Fundamental rights, duties and responsibilities.