NCCE is presently on Phase 2 of Popularisation of the Draft Constitution of The Gambia 2020 with a flurry of insightful radio talk-shows within the Greater Banjul Area and West Coast Region. The talk-shows are on Paradise Radio, West Coast Radio, Star FM, Home Digital FM (Su Radio), Capital FM, DHK Radio, Teranga FM, City Limits and GRTS Radio. These talk-shows are supplemented by ongoing TV programmes at GRTS TV and Paradise TV.

With support from the UNDP, the activity is geared towards enhancing public participation in the constitutional reform process through civic education and build citizens’ understanding of the content of the said Draft Constitution. This is intended to provide citizens with sufficient information and knowledge on the contents of the Draft Constitution in Gambians to enable them participate meaningfully and make informed choices as to whether to accept or reject it at the referendum for its adoption.

Alh. Serign Fye, Chairman of NCCE, extolled UNDP for supporting NCCE to conduct this activity that is aimed at making citizens to “not only understand but also know the content of the Draft Constitution’. He called on Gambians to take ownership of this constitution-making process and showed significance of partnerships towards this end. “If they [partners] need sensitisation, they can contact NCCE and we can have forums to discuss the content of the Draft Constitution”, he added. Additionally, the Chairman called on other institutions and agencies to come out and support NCCE, so that it can reach to as many people in the country as possible.

He restated NCCE’s commitment in educating Gambians on the content of the Draft Constitution and also advised the Gambian pubic to not rely on hearsay alone but to also consult and find facts.