• To promote understanding of the rationale for decentralisation
  • To foster understanding of the process of decentralisation
  • To enhance capacity for active participation in decentralisation
  • To enlightened the citizenry on poverty issues


Devolution of authority, responsibilities and resources

  • Purpose
  • Process

Localisation of governance

  • Inclusive involvement of civil society
  • Building of civic capacities and capabilities for self governance
  • Collective self reliance
  • Collaboration & partnership with agencies



  • To nurture the spirit of patriotism amongst the citizenry
  • To foster understanding and appreciation of the national symbols, anthem and pledge


Loyalty to:

  • the state
  • the government
  • the society

National Symbols

  • Flag
  • Coat of arms
  • Public seal

National anthem & pledge

Good citizenship

  • Contribute to nation building
  • Respect and observance of the rule of law
  • Promoting Gambian cultures